Wooden Frame Backpack

Wooden Frame Backpack


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Wooden Frame-Pack Backpack

This is a wooden framed, frame-pack type, backpack. It has a bass wood frame, constructed with hand-cut mortise and tenon joinery, and wooden dowels. The frame was further reinforced with a layer of fiberglass, and then covered with rawhide. It is fairly lightweight and rugged, and certainly versatile, as a piece of primitive trekking, bushcraft, or perhaps even historical reenactment gear.

All of the sewing on the rawhide covering was done, by hand, using waxed flax sinew. The pack uses a wool blanket material, lined with a heavy cotton pillow ticking, which serves as a pad to make contact with the wearer’s back more comfortable. The wool material wicks perspiration from the back, and helps with evaporation. The ends of the pad, with holes punched for lacing, are made from North American Bison hide. Lacing is a heavy waxed hemp cord.

The 100% cotton canvas pack, and the bedroll cover, were sewn mostly by machine. All seams on both pack and bedroll cover were sewn using a heavy quilting thread. The pack has three internal pockets against the back. Drawstring on the bedroll cover is waxed hemp cord. The 100% cotton webbing pack-straps are all hand sewn, using waxed flax sinew. The hardware is nickel-plated steel. The straps used to secure the pack and the bedroll cover to the frame are burgundy latigo leather. The hardware is solid brass, plated with nickel.

This pack is really versatile. All components can be removed from the frame. Food can be stored high up, and safely away from the camp, using the bedroll cover. The pack itself can be removed from the frame, and kept inside the camp’s shelter. The frame can then be used to gather wood, pack out game harvested while hunting etc.

Although it is not based on any specific historical example, most of its materials and construction methods are of a more primitive or traditional fashion. The design is simple, utilitarian, and versatile. This pack is unique, and I will never make another one like it.