African Knife, with Sheath

African Knife, with Sheath


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This is an antique African Knife, with sheath.

I am not certain of this knife's origins, other than it is from Africa. I have found others very similar to this example, which were apparently from Ghana, but I do not know that this is where the offering here is from. I do know it's at least forty

It's a double edged dagger type, with leather wrapped handle, and a sheet iron bolster. Blade of the knife, and the iron bolster are in untouched condition, with honest patina showing age. The sheath is leather, and features belt hanger, and a toggle to keep the knife retained while worn. Decorative fringe at the tip, and some paint on the front of the sheath remain in good condition, and overall the sheath is unworn, with no sign of real use.

For the casual knife collector, or serious collector of African Arts and Crafts, this should be a welcome addition.