Battle Mallet

Battle Mallet


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This is a handmade, one of a kind, wooden mallet constructed using hard woods and rawhide.

The head is Ash wood. Ash is sometimes used for baseball bats, tool handles of various types, and many other applications for which strength and durability is required. The handle is Hickory, but has some curl, or figure, more commonly associated with maple. Although subtle, the tiger stripping on the handle adds something to the overall aesthetic of this piece.

After assembling the mallet I shrunk raw cowhide around the entire head, to add strength and reinforcement. The haft is further secured with a heavy copper shank, hammered into the haft through the top, which causes the haft to expand within the head, effectively locking it in place.

The haft has an octagonal cross-section, and a somewhat hourglass shaped profile. The end of the haft is drilled, and a latigo leather lanyard is threaded through the hole, and secured using a blood-knot with decorative accents on the ends.

The entire piece is about 25 inches long from the end of the haft, to the top of the head. The head is just a shade over seven inches wide, from face to face. The head is about four and one half inches in diameter. The piece weighs in at about five pounds.

Although I am offering this item as a costume piece, a prop, or a decorative novelty, it is solidly made and could easily hold up to real use of the type for which it was designed.