Wall Sconce, Candle Holder

Wall Sconce, Candle Holder


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A candle holder wall sconce "shrine".

I used a tin from breath mints, burnished it's surface, then pierced the lid in a free-form stylized heart design. This provides the focal point of this object.

I affixed the tin to a weathered wood surface. I then attached a horizontal "shelf" to hold a steel cup, which serves as a candle holder. The tin is permanently affixed to the wooden backing but it can still be opened and closed, perhaps it could be used to hold photographs or other special keepsakes. The steel cup is perfect for a small votive "tea candle" or short pillar type. It could also be used to hold small "offerings" or potpourri herbs etc.

The rest of the piece has been decorated with brass tacks and glass, and the wishbone from a prairie hen. One of the vertical sides has a leaf pattern burned into the wood's surface. The shelf for the candle cup has been decorated using rusty iron packing strap and brass game tokens.

The piece measures 15" tall by 5" wide at it's widest point. It weighs less than five pounds.