Bison Hide Possibles Bag

Bison Hide Possibles Bag

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Bison Hide Possibles Bag, With Copper Chatelaine

This bag is entirely handmade of North American Bison hide, and other quality materials. It includes a copper chatelaine, for retaining a vent-pick and pan-brush. The copper vent-pick has been decoratively wrought with a twist, it is a handy tool for clearing the powder fowling from the flintlock's touch-hole/vent. The pan-brush is comprised of a conical-shaped copper ferrule, filled with horsehair bristles. The pan-brush is useful to sweep out the flintlock's pan, to remove the powder fowling from the burnt priming. The chatelaine includes a third chain, to affix a powder measure to the bag. The powder measure would be specific to the individual flintlock the bag would be used for, and as such has not been included.

The Bison hide has been entirely handsewn with waxed hemp thread. The body of the bag is "weighted", with a modified gusset of two inches, a height of seven inches, and a width of eight and one-half inches. All the different parts of the bag are made with a layer of Bison hide for the outer, a felt batting, and a cotton pillow-ticking liner. It should wear very well, and last for a very long time. The strap is made from a woven cotton webbing, that is heavier-duty than most. It is 48" long and has been treated with beeswax. It is not adjustable. The strap is connected to the bag with spun brass rings, sewn in place with latigo leather tabs.

The front flap of the bag is decorated with a heart-shaped cutout, which exposes the red felt batting inside. The heart shape has been further embellished with some light embroidery work. Inside the flap, the cut-out is reinforced with bison hide, sewn in place to strengthen it.

Made for real use, this bag is as utilitarian as it is aesthetically pleasing and should be a bag you will be proud to use for years and years.